There are many websites on the internet that are not mobile friendly and we all know majority of internet users surf the net on their mobile phones therefore it is crucial for old websites to update to a responsive site. Updating your website will not only provide a better user experience for your potential customers but also help improve your Google ranking. New Google algorithms now give preference to mobile friendly websites.

I often get asked whether updating to a mobile friendly website will affect  a websites Google ranking. If you have a website that has been around for many years and you are happy with your current ranking position on Google, updating your website will NOT affect your Google ranking provided you take the necessary steps.

Fast Cheap Websites has achieved 1st page Google ranking for many years and about a month ago I finally found some time to update my old website. My old website had html files and my new website has php files. The transition did not affect my ranking position.

When updating from an old website to a new website, the key to a successful transition is adding 301 redirects to your htaccess file. As soon as the redirects are added to your htaccess file, all your old links will automatically be redirected to your new pages. It is as simple as that. In conjunction with this process, it is a good idea to request Google crawl your new website and update your sitemap. This is done in your Google analytics account.

Don’t be afraid and just make the move. If you don’t, it will only be a matter of time before Google start to penalise your site and place you at the end of the queue.

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